Advanced Recycling Processes: What Can We Achieve Now?

Revolutionary advanced recycling process ingredients for a sustainable circular plastic economy. A new recycling plant under construction in England features technologies that can break down any kind of plastic polymer into its constituent elements for recycling. Owned by Mura Technology, the process is known as HydroPRS, and it’s particularly special due to its ability to […]

Combating Marine Pollution and Gaining Resources

Better Managing Plastic Waste Could Combat Marine Pollution and Unlock Billions of Dollars for a Circular Economy: Southeast Asia A series of World Bank Group studies showed the untapped economic opportunities to promote plastic circularity and address marine debris in Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The country studies found that less than a quarter of […]

Is Data the Key for Reducing Waste?

Study group of Fukuoka revealed that data is key for reduction of waste: Fukuoka City generates about 570,000 tons of garbage from households and businesses combined. Of this amount, raw garbage (food waste) accounts for 30% from households and 20% from businesses. In addition, Fukuoka City has set a target of reducing household waste to […]

Managing Waste During COVID-19

Disposing of single-use personal protective equipment (PPE) items such as face masks, gloves and aprons will depend on where you have used them. Waste generated from the home can be placed in the general household waste bin. This includes:  Single-use PPE worn during regular daily activities;  PPE and tissues for households with a suspected or […]

Gomi Map to enter Crowd Funding

Our mission is to create a circular economy by increasing the recycling rate. For this our unique approach focuses on three pillars. Gomimap: Our map application provides not only the latest information on available recycling spots but also gives a platform for new recycling spots. Users can choose the type of waste to recycle, and […]

New Merch Coming Soon

As part of our new crowd funding campaign we will be giving out sustainable merchandise made with recycled material for backers of our Gomi Map platform. Here’s a sneak peak!

The Movement

WHAT IS GOMI-MAP Gomi-Map is a map application that shows you the nearest recycling spots with additional instructional information. Users can choose the type of waste to recycle and the nearest route to the correct recycling spot will be show HOW IS OUR MISSION IMPORTANT? Today’s environmental problems are becoming more and more a key […]